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“Guido Bottazzo is truly a gifted artist and designer.  He is very energetic and surprises me with every new piece that he does.  Besides all his creative work he was one of the most hard working and passionate students that I had at Art Center and he even had a wonderful sense of humor that make him a pleasure to have had in class.  Since then we have remained friends and I'm always amazed at the level and quality of each project he works on. A genius in the making.”
Artist and Professor @ ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena
“I had the pleasure to live most of my childhood and great moments in life together with Guido, and his blowing mindset! Fun, emotions, sport, passion, art: everything blended out of his heart and brain, energizing his talent in the professional growth. He is striving for excellence in conceiving and designing "The Shape", blending the static beauty into a dynamic harmony. Guido's inspirational effort has pervaded all his life since he was a kid. The holistic resonance with the surrounding Nature has always been his distinctive mark. But what makes his art superb is  Guido's emotional purity - the "eyes of the child" - that triggers his art and ever will!”
Aerospace Engineer. AW189 New Product Introduction, Agustawestland.
"Guido is the elder brother I never had.
And, as it often happens with a bro, we fell in love of the same girl, we argued, we made up many times, and eventually we ended up being very different from each other.
So he's a 360-degrees artist and his artistic journey started right in Arlsesega, in that country village of northern Italy. That is exactly where he learnt to open his eyes differently in a world of blindness.
Guido's unique ability to disassemble the world into "transparent units of reality" and reassembling them in different ways characterizes his iconic style.
He can "distill" the life around him and build an alternative realty - more naive but equally real - by using his unique elicitation process.
He's a decent drummer and we had a lot of fun playing some good '80s rock before we went both almost bald.”
Nicola Zandona
Architect and System Engineer @ Intel, Oregon



Born in Padova (Italy) in 1977, Guido Bottazzo is a visual artist whose cultural roots are to be found in the Architecture world first, and later in that of Transportation Design.
In 2003 he graduates with honour at the IUAV of Venice in northern Italy, and later he focuses in Transportation Design attending ACCD of Pasadena from 2005 to 2007, with honour grades. Over the years Bottazzo has cooperated with many designers, artists a ... continue

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