Life 1 is a pictorial work created in the spring of 2023 in Venice in the space on Giudecca reserved for him by the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.
It tells the mysterious cycle of life where the link between nature and numbers is evident in the golden section of Fibonacci which generates a spiral-shaped graphic pattern present in many natural and anthropomorphic manifestations.
The Fibonacci spiral here becomes the inspiration and leitmotif of the development of this work in which life is depicted as a continuous cycle composed of various phases associated with as many components.
At the top left we see the cosmic energy coming from the sun, subsequently stored and converted into solar energy by a system of photovoltaic panels. The energy thus produced activates an alchemical machine that transforms sounds, vibrations, smells, and sensory particles into milk of life which will then be pumped inside a large breast.
From this the infant symbol of vital creation will feed from which all the various forms of life on earth will spring in the form of vital cycles destined to then transform into cosmic garbage at the end of each respective cycle.
The rubbish is then recycled by the alchemical machine, creating a perennial cycle linked to numbers.
The entire work is then covered by a series of semi-transparent ribbons that create a veil that wants to create a detachment between the observer and the image with the aim of emphasizing the need for an in-depth research path that each of us must do to access knowledge and awareness.

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